Traditional farming, traditional products

On our farms, we wish to reconcile traditional livestock farming methods with old Polish culture and customs concerning the production of milk, cheeses, dairy products, cold cuts, baked products and other food preparations.

Our food products are produced according to traditional, often – regional, recipes.

Cold cuts are produced without artificial additives, preservatives and flavour enhancers. The only food preservative used is salt with a dash of curing salt.

Traditional smoked meats are prepared in smokehouses over smoke-fired wood only, mostly beech, oak, apple tree or juniper. Most conventional smoked meat are produced by modern methods, based on the use of smoke flavouring preparations – this is a mixture of fat and chemical substances derived from smoke and spices. The meat used for the production of traditional cold cuts is obtained from the animals we raise rather than industrially farmed livestock. Therefore, it is free from all sorts of antibiotics or hormones.

Our traditional food is not only healthier but also tastes much better.