Smart farming monitoring solution

We’re not introducing technology for technology’s sake. But we install and commence technology that helps our clients become better operators and ensures more profit.  

In an era of more variable weather, the ability to use modern farming technology allows to better manage resources and makes our clients better stewards of the land.

Smart sensors gather agronomic data as machines work in the field, classify the data based on activity type and crop/product, and aggregate the data based on field boundaries. The end result is a container of organized information by farm, field, year, activity type (plant, harvest, etc.) and crop/product.

That field data add practical value for your operations:

  • A client can look back to understand field activity better – what he did in the field last week or even last year – not possible to do if you missed recording details in your field notebook.
  • Track day-to-day field activity – allows you to see both coverage and aggregate field level information the day after it occurs (planting, replanting, irrigation, harvesting, etc.)
  • Rely on the collected data to make informed future decisions – information helps make informed, data-driven decisions on purchases ( for fertilizer and seeding plan) based on harvest yield and field preparation plan.