Estate recultivation

We have decided to restore old noblemen traditions by making investments in dilapidated large gentry estates to recultivate them. Poland is a country with rich gentry traditions. The entire Polish gentry shared one thing – tradition. Regardless of whether it was a rich family from Kujawy or Wielkopolska or an owner of an estate in Polesie. Each of them cultivated also the tradition of livestock and crops farming, gardening, bee-keeping, baking, brewing, production of other spirits as well as meat and cold cuts. These are the gentry values we want to revive , first and foremost as regards the traditional approach to livestock farming, food production and agriculture. Our objective is to bring back tradition, which we see today, in the context of rapid development of agriculture, livestock farming and food production based on chemical substances and pesticides, as an ecological approach to food production, livestock farming and agriculture.