Innovation in agriculture & Agri-Logistics

Our area of operation covers agri-logistics. It has become a necessity due to the evolution of the profile of contemporary agriculture and a broader purview on the processes occurring in the material flow within the functional area of agricultural undertakings as well as the interdependencies between them. Modern automated and computerised agriculture makes its arrival in ever newer corners of the world, along with its reliance on GPS technology or Galileo system. For this reason, experts in agri-logistics are in demand.

Success in agriculture depends not only on advancements in agricultural production but also the development of logistics infrastructure, i.e., knowledgeable arrangement of the purchase of crops, their storage and transportation, while not necessarily disturbing the existing forms of ownership.

In logistics, management is all about cost-effectiveness and maximizing the added value. Lower costs and higher value added are feasible in logistic chains once all the links tie in closely together, a condition which is hard to reach in agriculture in Poland due to its considerable fragmentation. This affects efficiency and, in consequence, the profits. The above goal is much easier to reach with agriculture dominated by strong corporations we help create and run.

The information above has been compiled on the basis of an article by Elżbieta Haber entitled “Logistic agribusiness” as well as an article by Professor Stefan Abt, PhD Habilitated, head of the Department of Logistic Systems, Poznań University of Economics.